Village of Airmont

321 Route 59, P.O. BOX 578



Tel: (845) 357-8111

Fax: (845) 357-8307

June 24, 2005

Rockland County Sewer District No. 1

4 Route 340

Orangeburg, New York 10962

Attention: Diane Phillips

Re: Village of Airmont

Sewage Overflows/Capacity

Dear Ms. Phillips:

    We, the undersigned members of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Airmont, are writing to you because we have received numerous written and oral reports from well informed residents in our Village concerning sewage overflows on South Monsey Road and Hillside Avenue within the Village of Airmont, including documented occasions where such overflows were not reported to the appropriate regulatory authorities. We enclose a packet of information prepared by certain of our residents which has been provided to us on this subject.

    We are requesting a written response from the Sewer District addressing the following:

1. Our concern that the sanitary sewer system running eastward from South Monsey Road is seriously undersized for the existing flow rate;

2. Our concern that serious sewage overflows in the South Monsey Road area on December 24, 2003, December 29, 2003 and September 18, 2004 were reported to your office but not reported to the applicable regulatory authorities as required;

3. Our concern that our sewer systemís remote overflow sensors ceased operating at the end of 2000 [see note below]and that the Sewer District has no ability to monitor overflows except anecdotally and has taken no steps to repair such sensors; and

4. The Sewer Districtís plan to address the foregoing.

    Due to the grave concerns raised by our informed residents and the hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage that has already overflowed into Saddle River on numerous occasions over the past several years, the Village of Airmontís Board of Trustees and Planning Board requires a complete understanding of the problem and the steps being taken to address these issues which have a substantial affect on the health, welfare and safety of our residents. Decisions that our Village and other municipalities make regularly regarding development issues must certainly be impacted by the capacity and monitoring capability within our sewer system. We need to have an accurate understanding of these matters to make the correct decisions regarding future land use matters involving our constituents.

    We would appreciate your prompt written reply so that we can address the issue further at our July 18th meeting. If you could make a representative of the Sewer District available to attend that meeting to make a presentation and answer questions from our residents, that would also be most appreciated as well. Arrangements could be made by contacting our Village Clerk, Irene Murphy, at 845 371-8111.

    We look forward to your response to the concerns addressed in this letter.

Very truly yours,

[Letter was signed by Mayor John Layne, and Trustees Joseph Meyers, Dennis Kay, and Anthony Valenti.]

[NOTE: Correction of the listed 2000 date in Item 3. The sensors ceased operation on Dec 31, 1999.]