Congregation Mischknois Lavier Yakov Inc.


Preliminary layout plan submitted to the Village

April 5, 2005




  10 Buildings

  Married Students Residence. Three units per bldg.

  Each bldg. with three floors.

  Total sq. ft. 108,810 (10,881 per residence).



   1 Building

   Rabbiís residence.

   Total sq. ft. 2,448.



   1 Building

   Yeshiva for married students.

   Three floors.

   Total sq. ft. 12,563.


AQUA:                                                                                               HILLSIDE AVENUE

   1 Building                                                                                                            

   Yeshiva and dormitory for unmarried students.

   Three floors.

   Total sq. ft. 50,533


NOTE:  Area in blue across the top of the map is designated as: Wetland as Marked out by RG Torgersen   ASLA   Jan. 2002.


Total floor area for all buildings: 174,354 square feet.

Total provided parking spaces 212.



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