Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara now 8 for 8 in Corridor of Corruption and Three Men in a Room

December13, 2015
The convictions of two of the “Three Men in a Room” by Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara took less than two weeks. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was found guilty last week on all eight counts on which he was charged, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver preceded him on November 30 when he was found guilty of the seven federal corruption charges and expelled from the Assembly.


Locally, the following politicians were convicted in the aptly named “Corridor of Corruption” in our neighborhood.


Malcolm Smith—New York State Senator

FOUND GUILTY February 5, 2015 of a $200,000 bribery scheme to get on the ballot for Mayor of New York City.

Vincent Tabone—Queens Republican Party Vice Chair

FOUND GUILTY in the Malcolm Smith scheme.

Daniel Halloran—New York City Councilman

FOUND GUILTY of 5 counts of corruption, including fraud and bribery. On March 4, 2015 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison by Judge Kenneth Karas who was especially offended by consecutive days of perjury on the stand by Halloran.

Joseph (Jay) Savino—Bronx Republican Party Chair

On November 12, 2013, he PLEADED GUILTY to bribery, conspiracy and wire fraud. He faced up to 30 years in prison when he agreed to serve as a cooperating witness against Smith, Halloran, Tabone, Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmine, and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret. Savino has been disbarred and is awaiting sentencing.

Joseph Desmaret—Deputy Mayor in Spring Valley

On January 29, 2014, the Spring Valley Deputy Mayor PLEADED GUILTY in U.S. District Court to accepting more than $10,000 in bribes to enable a developer’s (Moses Stern) project in Spring Valley.

Noramie Jasmin—Spring Valley Mayor

On April 20, 2015, Judge Colleen McMahon read guilty verdicts for one count of mail fraud and one count of extortion.


Apparently, great preparation yields excellent results. Hopefully, the investigators working in Ramapo will soon be ready to start drafting warrants.


Michael Castelluccio
Preserve Ramapo

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