Patrick Farm




Patrick Farm--Sold Out

St. Lawrence has turned it into an Adult Student Housing zone, the developers have illegally disturbed waterways, and the developers and St. Lawrence have joined together to deny the residents of Ladentown their constitutional right to vote on becoming a village. Read an account of the multiple betrayals here



The New York Times Looks at Patrick Farm

 "[The] critics say the environmental and development issues are real and not limited to Ramapo and Rockland. They say the problems are compounded by weak regional planning, [and] lagging spending on infrastructure like water and sewer lines. . ." Read the article.

So, Who Needs Trees?

A letter writer describes what we risk losing in Ramapo and then offers this advice:

People of Ramapo, please wake up before it is too late. Become a unified group, realize your strength and importance, exercise your right to vote. Vote to keep what you have. Don't allow downzoning. Don't allow adult-student housing in residential areas such as the Patrick Farm. (Read the letter here.)