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Four more years breathing exhaust in traffic  (Feb 7)

For those sick of getting stuck at the Airmont Road and Route 59
intersection, there's no help coming in the near future. The State might
address the problem in 2011 and maybe they will have a partial fix in by
2012--or maybe not. As the Town and the State fumble around for the right
papers and procedures, development all around continues and drivers are
subjected daily to what passes for fresh country air a few hundred yards
west of Ramapo Town Hall. Journal story here.


Monsey roadwork set to begin by 2007 (Aug 10)

 The $2 million project is among the costliest ever undertaken by the Town of Ramapo. It includes "widening Maple Avenue
 between Route 306 and Monsey Blvd., as well as adding antique lamp posts, turn lanes, sidewalks and curbs on both sides of the
 avenue. [Story available only in Journal News archives]

Residents concerned about Rt. 306 projects (July 29)

"Residents have become increasingly concerned about the traffic and safety issues in the area, with a 142-unit development nearing completion and another 160-unit complex on the horizon. In 2001, Kaser tore down 15 bungalows on Route 306 near the corner of Maple Avenue, but village officials say any development there is still in the planning stage."

"These roads were not built for such projects," said [one resident]. "It's going to be very bad. The traffic will be unbelievable."

"The state Department of Transportation, which maintains Route 306, estimates that more than 21,000 vehicles travel daily in both directions on the two-lane road." [Story available only in Journal News archives]

Blueberry Hill development won't affect traffic says Ramapo Planning Board (July 12)

"Despite serious traffic concerns, plans for a 160-unit condominium complex in an increasingly congested area of Ramapo moved forward last night. By a 4-3 vote, the town's Planning Board declared that the proposed Blueberry Commons complex, off Route 306 in Monsey, would not have an adverse environmental impact."
[Story available only in Journal News archives]

Monitoring our air (July 3)

"The DEC has permanent monitors in all metropolitan counties except Rockland, and has said those monitors are adequate because air quality can be determined on a regional basis. While we are not experts, this Traveling Editorial Page, which knows Rockland's geography well, disagrees, suspecting at least pockets of pollution trapped in the inversions. If that is the case, buildings in any such area that take in the bad air as part of their ventilation systems might be offering a health threat. That is one reason we have called for a permanent monitor, properly located."
[Story available only in Journal News archives]

Troubled Ramapo intersection addressed (June 8)

"Town officials met with Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials yesterday to discuss a $900,000 walkway, which would start at Monsey Glen County Park, cross over the Route 59-Route 306 corridor and end at Robert Pitt Drive. The 3,000-foot-long paved walkway would follow the path of the former Piermont Branch rail line."
[Story available only in Journal News archives]

More congestion ahead on 59 (June 5)

"At this point, planners must think very carefully about what growth will and can be allowed, the road changes that developers should pay for, drainage and architecture. And, oh, where is the water supply for all this? Until that is assured, new development must be phased in."
[Story available only in Journal News archives]

State to study traffic safety on Route 306 (April 19)

The State Department of Transportation will conduct a traffic study on Route 306. "We will initiate a study of Route 306 in Monsey and will examine the causes of crashes and explore ways that the infrastructure can be improved to reduce risk to motorists and pedestrians."  The article mentions proposals in the Town's Master Plan for possible solutions, but no mention of the Plan's downzoning as a causative factor. Perhaps the State will notice the connection.
[Story available only in Journal News archives]

Walmart would create traffic nightmare (April 5)

The proposed Walmart on the old drive-in property on Route 59, Monsey, would add traffic volume in numbers that would be disastrous ("the proposed store would generate 16,000 vehicle trips on a typical weekday and 21,000 on a Saturday" according to one environmental engineer.)
[Story available only in Journal News archives]

48-home cluster plan will increase traffic in Montebello (Jan 11)

A proposed 48-home subdivision located off Spook Rock Road near Grandview Avenue is expected to create new problems with traffic. Hearings will continue on Feb. 14.  [Story available only in Journal News archives] 


Sloatsburg wary of traffic rising with development  (Oct 1)

 "A 2002 state Department of Transportation survey showed 15,329 vehicles   traveling daily between Sterling Mine Road and Route 17.More than 18,000 cars travel daily through the village on Route 17, just north of the Sterling Mine Road intersection.Estimates on how much traffic the new construction would bring were unavailable.At 7:30 a.m. yesterday, continuous lines of traffic were exiting Sterling Mine Road onto Route 17."[Story available only in Journal News archives]

Super Wal-Mart planned in Monsey   (April 23)

With traffic ratings already within the failing range, Route 59 in Monsey may soon add the traffic from a Wal-Mart Superstore that will be twice the size of the Wal-Mart up the road in Airmont. The National Realty & Development Corp. and Supervisor St. Lawrence and Town Attorney Michael Klein are looking at the site of the old Rockland Drive-In Theater next to PathMark as a future site for a 200,000 square-foot mega-store. You can go to the project page of National Realty at to view the developer's plans.
[Story available only in Journal News archives]