Ramapo's top ranking ridiculous

"2006 Money Magazine - Town of Ramapo among the best places to live."

How can this be?

1.When our taxes are the 6th highest. (USA has 3,077 counties)?

2. When many senior citizens have to choose between buying medication, food and paying taxes? When young people, cannot find affordable housing?

3. When the creed for tax revenues is the reason for overdeveloping?

4. When the traffic and speeding are out of control, and in 20 years nothing effective has been done?

5. When our first quality of life, safety, no longer exists?

6. When our reason for moving here, being able to walk and enjoy the beauty of the area, has become a dangerous endeavor?

7. When the absence of willingness to solve our concerns discourages citizens to attend monthly meetings?

8. When new developments, especially cluster buildings, are being proposed and eventually approved, adding 150 new units just to Montebello, and 300 cars to our roads?

9. When, during drainage problems due to new construction and lack of proper planning, neighboring properties being partly destroyed and it becomes the property owners' responsibility to restore the property?

10. When the Legislature gives municipalities the power to make planning and zoning decisions and these powers are abused?

All these facts make Ramapo a very undesirable place to live in. In the last 20 years, it has become "the most dangerous place" I have ever lived in.

Rosemarie Scandura