Development too costly for area

(Original publication: March 1, 2007)

Development too costly for area

I have just read the Feb. 20 "In Reply" ("Rabbinical college also concerned with Pomona's well-being") on the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act by Roman Storzer.

One of the most interesting points is the phrase that "students from the immediate area can legally locate." This infers that this project can only be built in Ramapo - nowhere else in New York state?

It is high time we take back control of zoning on a local level rather than giving those in Washington control of how we live. Of course they have no RLUIPA problems anywhere near where they call home. If you think our politicians will correct this injustice, think again! They will be "under the gun" for votes for re-election. Only courts could decide this issue - while Mr. Storzer will be living in his plush digs near his Washington, D.C., law office.

Also noted is that a stipend will be paid to the students. A stipend is generally considered as a small financial aid. From what quarter will the rest of the money be derived? I suggest that it will be from the taxpayer from local, state and federal taxes. It will cover costs from exempt property taxes, social services, food stamps and Medicaid costs. Who will pay for needed new sewer and water supply issues? Guess who?

Since the rabbinical college is concerned with Pomona's well-being, how long will it be before all taxpayers in Ramapo are gone and only left is a true welfare state?

Eugene W. Erickson