Rocklanders must act to save lifestyle

(Letter to The Journal News, April 4)

Today in Rockland our infrastructure, our ecology, our environment, indeed, the very essence of our suburban lifestyle, is being attacked by uncaring developers, greedy utilities and unconcerned politicians.

If you don't want to see your home and your lifestyle and your communities go down the tubes, you have got to make your voice(s) heard.

Are your elected officials responsive to your demands? Are you concerned about your taxes? Your roads? Your school district? Your utility bills? Your water supply? Overdevelopment? Pollution? Litter?

I submit that we are not making our protestations heard in the halls of local government.

I can cite instance after instance where we have been victimized because of complacency.

Why haven't promised Palisades Interstate Parkway improvements been completed? That neglect has resulted in loss of life and limb since the first section was completed up to New City. Why has United Water been allowed to continue to give away precious water runoff from Rockland? Why have local school boards been unresponsive to the clear voice of the people they represent and sold vacant land for development? Why have towns and villages allowed downzoning and turned their back to building code enforcement with the very real potential for disastrous fire and loss of life?

Why? Because you, my neighbors, have not made your collective demands known. You hold the power of the vote and it is time you used that power.

The time for complacency is over. Get active.

Ronald J. Steiner   Wesley Hills