Wesley Hills made wise compromise

Letter appeared in Journal News March 20

Ramapo's political leaders do not like people who embarrass them. Wesley Hills enforces its zoning code, Ramapo doesn't, so county Legislator Ilan Schoenberger is doing his best to muddy the record. His March 11 letter ("Wesley Hills zone ruling disappointing") is a total fabrication of our record. His letter shows his lack of understanding of how things work when you deal with government that relates directly to all of the people.

The decision of the village board of Wesley Hills to change the zone on the property at Route 306 and Willow Tree Road was made as a compromise. Keep in mind the proposed subdivision will be directly across Route 306 from a major shopping center, two gas stations and on several county bus lines. The compromise came as a result of years of litigation and tens of thousands of village tax dollars. Contrary to Schoenberger's characterization, this subdivision will ensure no high-density housing will be built along what he characterized as the "Route 306 corridor" in Wesley Hills. One needs only to drive north or south on Route 306 to see what has already happened in other communities and where to place the blame.

This is what really happened: The developer originally wanted to put up 120 units of multi-family housing, which the village board vigorously opposed. The developer sued. A compromise reached before trial ensured that a well-planned 20-unit single-family subdivision would be built. That plan is now before the village Planning Board and has a long way to go before final approval.

Bob Frankl

Wesley Hills

The writer is mayor of Wesley Hills