Zoning and address changes are too much

Letter appeared in The Journal News  March 19, 2007

I have had it! I am filled with frustration and have reached the end of my patience as to the events taking place here in Rockland County - particularly in the Spring Valley/Monsey area.

My family has occupied land here for at least 80 years following all the rules, whatever they were, as to zoning, upkeep of our property, etc. All for the good of the community. I have always been of the thought "live and let live" but, unfortunately, in recent years that has all changed.

I live on a street bordering the Monsey area - which is and has always been zoned as one-family structures on 50-foot lots. In recent years, all around us, those one-family homes have been added on or replaced by three- to four-family residences, with zoning changes made.

The final straw is the notification that our house number is no longer correct - and that we have now been given a new "legal" number to accommodate the new 9-1-1 system that has been put into effect. This I cannot accept and the rationale, as given to me for the change of numbers (which we are individually required to put into effect) does not hold water!

What a pity that God-fearing and respectable people who would never cause any undue problems to others have to go through this frustration. And just wait until the sewers start overflowing and water shortages start appearing.

Lawrence Havriliak

Spring Valley