It's for 'we the people'

By Mayor Robert Frankl
Wesley Hills
( October 18, 2005)

I believe in the Constitution of the United States and, in my estimation, the three most profound words in the history of democratic thinking, "we the people." Truly representative government is defined by the phrase "we the people." When government gets too large, it becomes impersonal, and in my hometown of Ramapo "we the people" has become "I the people," with the supervisor controlling everything with an iron fist. We need a more representative government, one that includes all of the diverse communities that our leaders seem so proud of. We do not need a town government that is controlled by just a few individuals who have created for themselves a realm that is impregnable.

We need council districts to return a modicum of democracy to all of the people of Ramapo. When will we realize that the "at-large" method of electing town boards only leads to overdevelopment, congested roads and unresponsive town government?