Building with permits

By Michael Castelluccio
(July 27, 2005)

In the recent tandem complaint about the "census' figures, letter-writer Robert Rhodes and The Journal News Opinion Page agreed the Kaser and Spring Valley numbers seemed seriously flawed. Both writers also offered the same likely explanation: "more than enough construction that takes place without permits."

They called for a more accurate count and the need for a professional demographer. I would add a third request.

The codes regulating building permits are laws, and if they are not being enforced, we need an objective investigation of those controlling and enforcing those codes, as well as those who might have violated them.

By objective, I mean by an outside agency that does not have its office in Town Hall. And for those who say, "Give me a break. No one is going to look into this. It's been going on forever," I have Plan B.

Make sure that you're registered to vote, and then in November make out some of your own pink slips for those in office who have shown no regard for the building codes or who are way too tight with the developers.