Matter of overdevelopment

By Judy Fleischer
(Original Publication: August 5, 2005)

It was a pleasure reading Lynn Yagel's recent letter. It speaks for the majority of us in Pomona and Haverstraw who are deeply concerned with the final outcome for Patrick Farm.

I think that most of us agree that development of the property is inevitable. It is a shame, though. I live within walking distance and often stop to view its beauty. What a shame that this open space should be destroyed. Why didn't our esteemed Ramapo town supervisor deem this property purchasable by the county to hold as open space? I think we all know the answer.

While I understand that there are housing difficulties for many, we all live here in this rural area to avoid the congestion of the city. I think that if the developers did not act piggish and did not attempt to shove another congested, overbuilt, overpopulated area down our throats, we could live with development of the property. It could be done and still maintain the beauty of this town.

However, the developers insist on variances that would allow them to build 300 one-family units and have used federal law to try and keep us from fighting them in court. How dare the supervisor and his voting bloc make this into a religious issue as a means of getting their way?