Not a vote of confidence

By Frances Barbieri
Chestnut Ridge
(Original Publication: December 14, 2005)

I was disappointed in the re-election of Christopher St. Lawrence as Ramapo supervisor. My disappointment was more in the residents who did not take the time to learn about the issues: downsizing, (select) multi-family student housing, our water supply and the traffic problems. But most of all that they did not execute their right to vote.

If we all took pride in voting in local elections, any bloc vote could be defeated. Less than 20 percent of the residents vote as a bloc. Where are the rest of us?

We send troops to foreign lands to help people choose their own government, yet our educated Americans don't seem to understand this privilege.

I was also disappointed in The Journal News. On one hand you state that we must take water, sewage, drainage and traffic flow into consideration before allowing any more development in Rockland, yet The Journal News endorsed Christopher St. Lawrence, who, with his township, has already approved development projects in the master plan.

This says to me that The Journal News speaks out of both sides of its mouth, trying to appease all its readers.