Wrong claim staked in Ramapo

Letter first published in The Journal News, Oct. 26

Recently, a billboard showed up here on our farm property in Ramapo, listing it as one of those purchased by the Town of Ramapo. It was not.

We want to make it very clear to everyone: The Erickson Farm was sold to Rockland for open space through the efforts of County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef. The Town of Ramapo had nothing to do with it.

We called the town with our complaint, and the sign here was removed. Now we see the same sign in other places and are absolutely astounded and horrified that the signs have our name on them: The Erickson Farm.

Anyone who has lived in Rockland since the building explosion knows that Ramapo cares little for open space. The primary interest here is in building (with poor planning and disregard for zoning laws.)

As for the sign, when we were in business, if a business advertised with untruths, the business was fined. What happens when politicians do the same?

Look at the past record.

Martha and Gene Erickson