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Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 4:34 PM

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Subject: Hillside Avenue article

Hi Peter:

I am a Trustee in the Village of Airmont and I am in the thick of the battle, so to speak. Of course every article has information in it which is inaccurate and I understand that. As I always tell people, whenever I read an article about a topic that I have detailed knowledge of, the inaccuracies in the article are glaring. Such was the case with your article and I don't blame you because there are time pressures involved in the newspaper business.

The boarding school in question would have dormitories housing 170 single students and 30 townhomes of 3,500 square feet each housing married students and faculty and their families. Each of the townhouses will have 5 bedrooms and we estimate that there will be 10 people living in each townhome- given the demographic. That's 300 people plus the 170 for a total of 470 people living on 19 acres zoned for 15 single family homes. The main building proposed will be almost the length of a football field (400 yards long), plus 2 dormitory buildings, two religious school buildings, a rabbi's home, and 30 townhomes. This is a large compound in a rural area that exists on well water and narrow winding roads.

You interviewed people from the deli and on the street but no one in authority at the Village and not our attorney?

Dennis Lynch's quote that people don't even know what the plan is must be some sort of bad joke. Everyone is familiar with the minutest details of the plan through leaflets, public meetings, word of mouth and Village e-mails and newsletters. It's not fear of the unknown. It's a reaction to a specific plan that's been proposed and was the subject of litigation.

Thanks for your time,

Joe Meyers