What follows is the text of the e-mail sent to Airmont residents by Trustee Joseph Meyers after an automated phone campaign on Monday August 7th:

Urgent Message to Valentine House Supporters:

Earlier this week, many homes in Airmont received an automated phone message urging residents to oppose the Valentine House acquisition on August 23rd and to attend a Village Board meeting that night (Monday) to express displeasure with the acquisition.  Many residents were outraged at these anonymous phone messages and e-mailed or called me and others to see if we knew the source of the anonymous automated calls.

We have learned with reasonable certainty that the source of the negative, incorrect and inflammatory phone calls was Christopher St. Lawrence.  Yes, that’s right.  Our Ramapo Town Supervisor.

This outrageous outside interference with our community’s affairs and decisions is unprecedented.  The motivation is also highly troubling.  Mr. St. Lawrence’s disaffection with Airmont and its residents is well documented.  For months, he ignored, stonewalled and denied our sewer problems as Commissioner of the Sewer District.  Only after the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation forced the Sewer District into a legal consent decree did St. Lawrence finally have to admit the truth: that thousands of tons of raw sewage has been leaking onto our Village’s roads and nearby waterways for years. 

Last year, responding to a question about the Hillside Avenue case Airmont is involved in (dormitories, townhouses and Yeshiva proposed for Hillside Avenue on property zoned for single family homes), St. Lawrence was quoted in the July 15, 2005 issue of the Jewish Weekly as follows:

"Airmont residents are "doing everything they can to keep [Orthodox Jews] from coming into the community, and the federal government has had enough," Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence said. "I’ve spoken with the federal prosecutors, and they’re ready to teach Airmont a lesson."

Trustees Kay, Valenti and I wrote Mr. St. Lawrence a letter at the time asking him to clarify those comments or retract them.  The silence from Mr. St Lawrence was deafening.  All this was published in our September/2005 Village newsletter.

Now for some reason he doesn’t want Airmont to have a Community Center at the Valentine House.  We must ask ourselves why he would care.  Is he acting at the behest of a developer or special interest that wants to buy the Valentine House?  Or is he simply trying to deny the residents of Airmont some success?  Or is he trying to punish those of us on the Village Board who oppose his urbanization and overdevelopment policies in Ramapo?

This I cannot answer.  But I do ask that you share this information with your friends and neighbors.  Mr. St. Lawrence should not be allowed to get away with anonymously interfering in our Village’s affairs and his motivation is highly questionable.

His outrageous conduct needs to be "outed".  Pass the word.


Joe Meyers

Airmont Village Trustee