We are proud to announce the Re-Formation and

                           Incorporation of the

          Hillside Avenue Preservation Association, Inc.


    Organization is the key! We have retained a legal team to challenge

the Stipulation of Settlement. Our lawyers feel that our civil rights have been

violated and are filing under New York State's Sunshine Law. If we can invalidate

the settlement we have a much better chance of fighting this development.

The reasons to contest have not changed from 23 years ago; this is still a land use

issue. The health, safety, and welfare of the neighborhood are all at stake.

    Currently, the Ramapo Sewer District Number 1 (our District) is overburdened

and regularly overflows onto the streets and into the rivers. This will contaminate

the aquifer and our private wells.

    In 1983, when John Sarna was commissioned by the Hillside Avenue Preservation

Association to do a traffic study, the road was deemed inadequate and dangerous; it was estimated to

cost several million dollars at that time to correct the problems, along with every Hillside

Avenue home owner having part of their property condemned for road improvements.

    Now is the time to band together and fight for our neighborhood. Down zoning of this

kind will negatively affect all our property values.

    We are planning a critical meeting of concerned area citizens for some time in the week

of May 8th. We will keep you posted concerning the time, date, and location. One of our

legal representatives will be there to answer questions. Please attend to learn more about

the situation and how you can help. For more information click back to the home page and

read "Sunset on Hillside--A Disastrous Plan for Airmont." 

    To get on the Hillside Association e-mail list, use this address (call352asap@yahoo.com) to send an email.

                      Hillside Avenue Preservation Association, Inc.