Press Releases

September 1, 2005--Preserve Ramapo tries again to get ward system on ballot this November.

The Ward Petition to guarantee more representative town government was delivered to Town Hall this morning. This is the third set of petitions signed now by a cumulative 14,000 individuals. The first two requests to get the issue on the fall ballot were dismissed on frivolous technicalities.

September 26, 2005--Preserve Ramapo to Confront Ramapo Town Board

This Wednesday, September 28th, Preserve Ramapo, the grass roots organization, will picket Town Hall from 7pm to 8pm. They will then confront Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and the Town Board at the regular Ramapo Town Board meeting. The planned demonstration is a follow up to their handing in petitions to get two referendums on this November's ballot.