Comment on "Most Rockland sewer officials ignore order to repay $90K in salaries"

Why is County Executive Ed Day being made the fall guy for a mistake made when Scott Vanderhoef was County Executive?  The sewer commissioners first began to receive salaries after Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence joined the sewer commission. Were they his idea?  Wasn’t anybody curious about why all of a sudden unpaid positions became paid positions?  How much more money is going to be spent on lawyers to straighten out this mess?

The real scandal is the nonfeasance, i.e. incompetence, of the sewer commission. Many years ago called attention to periodic massive sewer overflows into the Saddle River.  We repeatedly posted pictures of toilet paper, feces, and other debris flowing into the Saddle River. We also posted careful analyses of the data sent by Sewer District #1 to the DEC. Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence is the spokesman for the commission. He has consistently denied that we have a problem. At one public meeting he even denied the existence of the spill data his own organization had submitted to the DEC.

Recently the federal court fined Sewer District #1 up to $25,000 for each of more than a dozen major spills while filing a judgment that Ramapo was a serial polluter of the Saddle River. Only a week or two later there was another overflow into the Saddle River. Did anyone on the commission point out that we have a developing sewer emergency in Rockland?  Did anyone on the commission point out that uncontrolled building in Ramapo is the root cause of the problem?

There is an unspoken rule in Rockland:  If you are a town supervisor never embarrass another supervisor. Why is Ed Day being attacked for his attempt to correct a mistake made during Scott Vanderhoef’s administration?  This response is consistent with a corollary to the above rule:  Always find a fall guy for your own incompetence.

Robert I. Rhodes, Chairman, Preserve Ramapo