Ward System Petition in Court this Week and Next

July 13, 2014 Mike Parietti and Robert Romanowski were notified by the court that Judge Garvey has ordered an in court hearing that will commence on Monday July 21st at 9:30 AM to determine whether the voters of Ramapo will be allowed to vote on the issue of getting direct representation on the Ramapo Town Board. A Ward System in Ramapo would divide the town into districts with each having their own representative voice on the panel. You would elect a board member from your neighborhood who would be there to represent your neighborhood. And if ever Ramapo residents needed their own representatives on the board it is now.

   Letter from Michael Parietti July 12, 2014

Well, folks, looks like we'll finally have our day in court on the Ward System Petitions.


This past Thursday, July 10th, Bob Romanowski and I were summoned to an in court conference regarding the Article 78 we filed in response to the Ramapo Town Clerks invalidation of the Ward System Petitions. 


After chastising the Ramapo Town Attorney for not informing the court of the recent decision by the Appellate Division to uphold her (Judge Garvey's) denial of the Towns Motion to Dismiss our Article 78, Judge Garvey then declared her intent to hold an in court hearing to determine the validity of the petitions this coming Monday (July 14). 


Town Attorney Janice Gittleman then begged for more time. "Your honor we have an additional memorandum of law that needs to be finished, copied, bound and mailed to all the parties. (Another $10,000 of taxpayer money down the drain). 


Judge Garvey was exasperated, replying, Counsel, is that really necessary?


Gittelman: Oh yes your honor. We have numerous issues of law we need to bring up. 


Judge Garvey: Ok then get that to me by this Monday


Gittelman: Your honor, that would be impossible.


Judge Garvey: OK then get it to me Tuesday. Mr. Parietti and Romanowski will respond by Thursday and the in court hearing will commence on Monday, July 21st, at 9:30 AM.


So there you have it. We will finally have our day in court to determine the validity of the ward system. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.


A speclal thank you to all  who sent in your notarized affidavits stating that it was your signature on the petitions, despite the fact that Ramapo Town Clerk Christian Sampson declared them invalid because they were "illegible." Those affidavits will be  used in court on July 21 to revalidate your signatures. 


Thank you for your interest and concern,

Michael Parietti

Robert Romanwoski