Vote Yes and Yes on the Ward – September 30

Support for the Ward System and increase of the number of board members is coming in from all quarters. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue—it’s about having a voice at Ramapo Town Hall. Here’s a sampling of some of those important endorsements. (You can click on the names to go to the full statements these leaders have put up online.)

"Democracy functions best when it is representational. A ward system would allow Town officials to be more responsive to local issues. It would provide more opportunity for residents to have a place at the table and their voices heard. I encourage Ramapo residents to vote ‘Yes’ on both ballot questions at their regular polling places on September 30th." Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (D-Suffern)

"Ramapo is one of the largest towns in the State and a ward system would benefit all the residents by encouraging more participation and debate among the Town’s diverse population. I urge residents to vote ‘Yes’ on the two ballot questions on September 30th. Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski (D-New City)

"Whatever your political beliefs or leanings are, it appears to us that the ward system is the fairest system because council persons would be elected for a specific geographical area, thereby making the council persons more accountable for their area’s wants and needs." The Ramapo Republican Committee

"A ward system of government for Ramapo would provide all areas of Ramapo with at least some government representation in our Town. While it is not a cure-all, it is critically important that all citizens in Ramapo feel that they have some representation in Town government. Otherwise, the result will be that local tensions will continue to rise and the Town and its tax base will continue to become destabilized. All groups in our Town need to compromise their aspirations and learn to live in harmony or the quality of life in our Town, its tax base and its fiscal health will all continue to decline."  Rockland County Legislator Joe Meyers

"I would like to offer my strong support for the ward resolution up for a vote on September 30th in Ramapo.  It is my belief that having multiple at-large representatives in an area inherently undermines the concept of "one person, one vote," and I believe that any municipality, particularly Ramapo, would benefit from having a legislative body representing the interests of specific constituents and not the entire town at-large.  I urge my supporters in Ramapo to vote for the legislation and encourage similar such legislation in any other municipality in the 17th Congressional District and beyond that does not presently have district-based representation." Congressional Candidate Chris Day

 "A ward system in the Town of Ramapo, one of the largest and most diverse towns in the State, will give residents the opportunity to have their own community representative advocating for their unique local issues on the Town board. I urge residents in Ramapo to vote "Yes" on September 30th to allow this ward system to be implemented." Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester)